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Studiocast is not about how many likes you get or followers you have. It's about sharing a more authentic side of you with your biggest fans & supporters and letting them be a part of the journey.

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How It Works
For Creators
  • Create a Studio
  • Upload or record video clips of something you are working on. No editing necessary!
  • Invite your biggest supporters to give you their feedback. Take it or leave it.
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For Members
  • Join your favorite Creator's Studio
  • Review their work while it's still in the studio. This is your chance to be there when the magic happens.
  • Give them honest feedback on camera (or leave a voice note).
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Studiocast helps Creators build community by:
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Being yourself
Share what you are working on without having to worry about being perfect. Your members care about you and want to be apart of the ups & downs.
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Sharing the journey
Invite your followers to get involved by sharing your Studio link wherever you have built an audience.
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Create deeper connections
Get to know the face (or voice) behind the avatar of your most engaged followers. No bots allowed!
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